Mission Statement: The primary focus of the Race Track Chaplaincy of America is to serve those who are involved in the horse racing industry. The ministry is based on the belief that it is God’s desire that every person, including those in the horse racing industry, should have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, resulting in a life that is full and abundant in its nature and eternal in its scope.

The function of the National Service Center is to establish and serve councils and provide eight core services:

1. Professional Development – preparing Chaplains for effective ministry

Annual Chaplain School

2. Benevolence Fund – making emergency funding available for Councils and Chaplains

Rent/Mortgage, Utilities, Food, or Medical

3. Ministry Resources – equipping Chaplains to serve and change lives

Providing bibles, evangelism events

4. New Ministry Start-Ups – reaching God’s people across the entire horse racing industry

Chaplain Recruitment & Screening

Council Operations Manual

RTCA Master Directory

5. Professional Consulting – empowering Chaplains for more relevant ministry

Communications (inter-chaplaincy and racing industry)

6. Industry Relations – engaging the horse racing industry in support of racetrack chaplaincy

Situational Interventions

Racing Industry Relations

7. Council Accounts – supplemental funding for affiliated councils

Council Supplemental Funds

8. Chaplain Insurance Benefit – protecting Chaplains and their families with accidental death insurance coverage

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Benefit