Basic Requirements for Race Track Chaplaincy of America Chaplains:

  • Be called by God to do this ministry.
  • Meet the theological standards of RTCA. We are a inter-denominational, Christian ministry emphasizing the two major imperatives of the one Gospel:
      • to bring people to Christ who is the only way to salvation, so they find forgiveness and new life;
      • to minister to the whole person, helping to meet their various needs.
  • Be committed to following the teachings of the Bible as the authoritative and inspired Word of God.
  • Provide ministry to persons of all faiths and to non-believers.
  • Care for all persons at the track without regard to economic, educational, cultural, social status or influence, or the lack thereof.
  • Meet the educational and experience requirements of RTCA.
  • Be willing to consider relocation.
  • Be a person of high integrity.
  • Be honest beyond a doubt, and faithful to spouse and family.
  • Attend the RTCA Annual Meeting and Chaplain School.
  • Be properly credentialed, according to standards of denominational affiliation and the legal requirements of the states.
  • Demonstrate unique cross cultural, multi-ethnic and organizational skills and capabilities.

Open Positions: The needs of the ministry are constantly evolving. If you are interested in learning more about our current needs we encourage you to contact us at The locations, length of position, pay and schedule all vary depending on the race track.

Application Process: All interested applicants will be required to complete the attached Application for Chaplains and send it to our National Office. Once the application and all supporting documentation has been received, the information will be sent to a Chaplain Screening Committee for review. The committee will evaluate each applicant based on their documentation and will then make a decision based on their experience, prayers and discernment.