How to make the ultimate gift to RTCA

Whether you are a longtime friend and supporter, or just becoming acquainted with the Race Track Chaplaincy of America, Inc., we are grateful for your support.

There are several ways to make your “ultimate” gift (also called a “planned” gift, because it will require planning and expert advice), but this page is meant to address the two main ones.

Everyone needs a will and some amount of life insurance. Of course, RTCA’s fundraising professionals can help you think through more complicated financial instruments through which you can support the ministry.

Your Will

By including a provision in your will, you can leave a legacy that makes a difference in the light of eternity.

Even after providing for your loved ones, your church, and your other favorite charities, by designating a portion of your estate’s residue to RTCA you will have a lasting impact in the lives of so many deserving men, women, and families in perpetuity.

For a free brochure about Wills and Bequests, email us at

Your Life Insurance

Whether an existing policy or one not yet purchased, you can turn a modest gift into a major one – or a major gift into a mega one!

By naming RTCA as a beneficiary of your life insurance, you can convert thousands of dollars in premium payments into hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in payouts when the policy matures.

For a free brochure about how to support RTCA and your other beloved interests through life insurance, email us at

Our Advice

Neither RTCA nor its staff is qualified to provide legal or financial advice. We encourage you to secure the counsel of your most trusted expert advisers.

The brochures we provide are professionally prepared by planned giving professionals, but are for general informational purposes only and not meant to take the place of your adviser’s expertise.